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#109 Antique French Brass Star Ornament
Antique French Brass Star Ornament

From France and dating to the early 1900s may I offer this religious star (Star of David?) ornament that held the image of Sacred Heart of Mary at the center. The center paper was badly damaged so I took out Mary and put in this sweet image of a little girl (Frances Brundage artwork). The star is made of a thin pliable metal, it's brass-copper colored and feels like tin though it could be a thin brass. The green embossed paper is original to the star as is the back cardboard backing. The Brundage image can be replaced with another image, all that's needed is to lift the back tabs and insert another! Oh, and to give the piece a little more color, I added a bit of rayon ribbon to the back loop that closely matches the background paper.

Condition: Very nice with a perfect patina of age.

Use:  I believe the piece with its original Virgin Mary insert was meant to guard the newborn baby, a crib protector.  Crib Protectors came in many sizes, shapes and forms but this would have been a simple item, able to be purchased for mere centimes instead of francs (pennies instead of dollars).  It might also have been presented to a young girl upon her Confirmation or First Communion or perhaps a gift on her Birthday or at Easter.

Metal Content: Thin tin? Thin copper? Thin brass?

Size: Just the star measures 3" x 2-5/8".

Final Comments: A wonderful French item looking for a new home!




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