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#184 ART DECO Celluloid Medal - Repurposed, French, Celluloid, Guardian Angel
ART DECO Celluloid Medal - Repurposed, French, Celluloid, Guardian Angel

May I offer….

AGE: Main Piece - C.1920 or so - Art Deco Period; Ribbon C.1950 Rayon: Die Cut C.1980

ITEM: An upcycled crib protector medal or pendant that would have been placed on or near the crib of a newborn. The piece would have been presented at the time of the arrival of the child and is meant to protect the newborn against evil, in the terms of the Catholic Church, against the Devil and his minions. Originally having a center image of Saint Therese, the center medal was too worn to be kept so I repurposed the piece by adding a reproduction die cut of an angel. I have added a short length of pink ribbon (for a girl) but I can change the color of the ribbon and change it to a lengthier piece so that the medal can be worn as a necklace!

HISTORY: A crib protector could take many shapes, sizes and designs. The finest of these pieces would have been hand carved from the stuff we aren't even supposed to mention (from Dieppe) - those pieces usually took the form of a cross with the head of an angel at the center. Many a crib protector was tossed aside when the angel/cherub head was detached from the cross and turned into a pin or pendant! Since only the wealthy could afford it, or for that matter, crib protectors of gold or silver, the middle class made do with simpler materials - celluloid/hard plastic being one of them.

CONDITION: You can tell the piece is old just by looking. General surface handling is apparent but there are no burns, brown spots, etc. A copper colored star at the back hides the old "screw" spot.

SIZE: From top of celluloid ring to bottom measures 3"; width of the medal is 1-7/8".

FINAL COMMENTS: As I say above, leave as is or do your thing! This is a piece of French History that would make a delightful ornament!

Sorry, my pics are so diffuse - the graphic of the angel is quite crisp and perfect! 




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