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#26 HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Antique Postcard Gift Card or Ornament | Violets
HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Antique Postcard Gift Card or Ornament | Violets

May I offer......

A One of a Kind Ornament or Birthday Gift Card


ITEM: Starting with an old (C.1900) flocked 3D postcard (purple violets with a small pastoral scene), I backed the card with some light white cardstock and then decorated the upper portion with rayon ribbon - adding a hanger so that the piece could be displayed on a wall. I mean, why shouldn't a birthday card that is soooo pretty NOT be hung on a wall! The back of the piece features a colored angel sticker along with a light lavender rectangle for adding a personalized sentiment.

SIZE: Not including the cream ribbon hangar, the card section along measures 4" x 6".

USE: Wall ornament or birthday card

FINAL COMMENTS: Each individual piece of the ornament was hand glued so that no ripples would occur. Of course, if the hangar is not desired, just clip it off. While I do not have a white envelope to hold the card, the piece will be shipped in a crystal clear holder. Why pay a lot of money for a card that is going to be tossed away, when you can spend a bit of cash on one that will last (perhaps) another 100 years!





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