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#470 Antique Sterling Silver Enamel Floral Pin
Antique Sterling Silver Enamel Floral Pin

Dating to the late 1890s or very early 1900s, may I offer this lovely take on an eternity pin! Made of silver, this round pin features two panels of black enamel set with a spray of leaves set with natural split pearls (tears) - the other two panels of white enamel feature handpainted florals (roses with blue forget me nots). The pin is possibly a half mourning pin - a person coming out of a length period of grieving for a loved one. Simple c-clasp closure at the back to hold the pinstem in place.

Condition: Very nice with no problems I can spot other than a bit of tarnish at the back of the pin.

Metal Content: Metal tests at a silver content though it could be anywhere from 800 to 950 - the piece being of European manufacture.

Hallmarks: None that I can spot.

Size: 1-1/16" high/wide.

Weight: 5.2 grams

Final Comments: Gorgeous!




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