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#476 Oh Happy Day One of a Kind Pink Grey Cherub Ornament
Oh Happy Day One of a Kind Pink Grey Cherub Ornament

Here's a light cardstock ornament made with modern materials in a Victorian Revival manner.

Starting with some white cardstock, I added a reproduction graphic of a pair of angels - cupids - putti - cherubs, some silver and grey glitter hearts, and a small sentiment - OH HAPPY DAY! With the addition of pink rayon ribbon so that the paper might be hung I also added a back stamp that makes the reverse look like a mini post card. Altogether, this ornament could be used for any number of purposes - a Valentines Day ornament, a Wedding gift tag, a Birthday Greeting, a celebration of baby's birth - I'm sure you can use it somehow!

Size: Not including the pink ribbon hangar, the card measures 4-3/16" wide x 2-7/8" high.

Final Comments: Each individual piece of the ornament was hand glued, there is no varnish or shellac top coat. When storing, care should be taken that no parts of the card catch on to anything - this might tend to pull a component from its original position. ONE OF A KIND and not to be reproduced again!



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