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#480 Vintage Sterling Silver Black Onyx Pendant
Vintage Sterling Silver Black Onyx Pendant

Dating to the 1990s or so, may I offer this silver pendant with a latch/bale that lifts up so that (a) the pendant can be put on a strand of beads or pearls AND allow for the change of the center black onyx disc. It seems that this piece might have come in a boxed set with more than 1 disc for a color change. Sorry, I have only the black.

Condition: Very nice with no problems I can spot. Silver is shiny due to a rhodium overlay.

Metal Content: Sterling Silver with a makers mark on the top of the bale/925 on the underside of the latch.

Size: From top of bale to bottom measures 1-1/4"; width is about 1". Center onyx disc measures 11/16" high/wide.

Weight: 4.2 grams combined

Final Comments: All that's needed now is the right chain - mine is for display purposes only.




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