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#488 Antique French Painted Celluloid Greeting Card
Antique French Painted Celluloid Greeting Card

From France and dating to C.1910 or so, here's an "all occasion" greeting card - hang tag - gift card featuring a hand painted celluloid cover. Now the card was not without some problems so I had to add replacement ribbon as well as a small die cut of an angel. The back of the card is light cardboard while the inside is a single sheaf of ivory colored paper with "To:" and "From:" stamped on the inside (the original paper had a little too much silverfish markings to leave inside).

Size: 3" x 4-1/4" approx. when closed.

Condition: Everything is pristine though the original back cover does show indications of its age - light scuffs/marks and a couple of very shallow creases. Nothing major though.

Final Comments: More than likely ONE OF A KIND as the card now stands. With the price of modern day, multiple run cards, doesn't a unique gift to a loved one deserve a unique card? No envelope as of now but if I find one to fit, I will include it with the purchase.




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