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#497 Antique French Paper Baptism Gift Box Baby Blue
Antique French Paper Baptism Gift Box Baby Blue

Dating to the late 1890rs or the early 1900s, may I offer this sweet paper box from France. With the wording BAPTEME in gold lettering at the top, the box would have been filled with candies - French bon bons or dragees (in this day and age, Jordan almonds). To celebrate the Baptism of the newest member of a family, the box coloring (blue) represents the birth of a boy.

Condition: Very, very nice for its age with no holes or tears to the top lid. The bottom portion of paper covering the cardboard base, has split all around the edge. So, if you know how to accordion pleat paper, you can fix this or you can take off the paper and cover the bottom in a thin fabric - silk, chiffon or the like. Definite patina of age to the paper that indicates this piece is antique!

Size: 5-11/16" x 8-5/8" x 2-7/8"; depth is 7/8".

Final Comments: Very few of the these boxes survived through the years - they were fragile and easily prone to destruction. Here's a chance to treasure a true antique French box from the past! Priced according to condition!




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