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#499 Antique French Framed Souvenir of First Communion | The Gypsy Madonna Collection
Antique French Framed Souvenir of First Communion | The Gypsy Madonna Collection

From France and dating to C.1890 or so, may I offer this wonderful souvenir of a First Communion - girl.

A fabulous Antique Victorian frame of wood with a really great polished patina and a decorative brass bamboo inner section highlights the religious content on the inside. What you see is what was originally in the frame, an Antique Victorian paper lace card holding a die cut image of a Communiante - a little girl. At the corner of the paper lace card are delicate pink ribbon rosettes. To highlight the paper lace a little more, I inserted a bit of decorative wallpaper at the very back, in keeping with the femmy quality of the piece. The bottom of the card bears, in FRENCH, a banner that reads SOUVENIR DE PREMIERE COMMUNION. The back of the fame has its original "squiggle" wire insert that holds the glass and image in place. Wire at the back for hanging on a wall.

Condition: Everything looks as it should - over 100 years of age. A bit of dust here and there but nothing is amiss.

Metal Content: Brass

Size: The frame measures 7-1/8" wide x 9-1/8" high. Image size is 3-3/4" x 5-1/2" approx.

Final Comments: This piece is ONLY for the family or girl who has an appreciation of/loves antiques; you are not purchasing something "store bought, brand new, off an assembly line". There is a patina of age, the look of old, perhaps a small touch of love in the condition, but it is entirely unique and ONE OF A KIND.




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