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#502 Repurposed Antique Victorian Calling Card | Merry Christmas
Repurposed Antique Victorian Calling Card | Merry Christmas

Here's a re-useable gift tag, package tie, blank greeting card or perhaps just a simple ornament made from antique, vintage and modern materials.

The front of the gift tag bears a portion of an ANTIQUE VICTORIAN calling card depicting a winter sleighing scene with children on sleds. The sentiment to the front is MERRY CHRISTMAS (a portion of an old Greeting Card), the back bears TO: and FROM:. The entire piece is laminated and is hung from a piece of VINTAGE blue rayon ribbon. To put on a package, just snip the ends and tie or just loop the piece in place. You can use a Sharpie to personalize the back and, if the gift stays in the family (like at Christmas), just wipe the Sharpie ink off with Goo Gone and the piece is ready to use again!

Size: Card alone measures 4" x 2-3/4" approx.

Final Comments: View my entire collection of tags - each one, a ONE OF A KIND piece!



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