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#508 Set/4 Antique Germany Austria Coin Silver Buttons
Set/4 Antique Germany Austria Coin Silver Buttons

With various dates on the coins - 1697, 1766, 1806, and 1820 - may I offer this set of 4 different coin silver buttons, still in a very tarnished condition, featuring different dates. If I am reading correctly, the coins are from Austria and Germany. Shank backs. Most all of the coins are worn but I think once they are polished a bit more, the designs will be a little more visible to the naked eye.

Metal Content: Coin Silver with no hallmarks - coin silver is coin silver

Size: All are about 3/4" and a bit wide.

Weight: 10.6 grams the four.

Final Comments: Wonderful! Oh, and there is a 5th button but the shank is broken - I'll include it in the package just in case someone wants to have it repaired.




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