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#527 French Necklace Pendant Section - King Francis I of France
French Necklace Pendant Section - King Francis I of France

From an ornate necklace that was most likely used in French theatrical productions in the early 1900s comes this single section with a medal depicting King Francois I of France. The pendant piece has a large soldered ring at either end (plus two additional links) so the piece can be added to a piece of ribbon or attached to a length of chain.

Condition: Very nice with no problems I can spot! Nice patina to the piece - definitely shows that it is old and not something just made yesterday! METAL CONTENT: Gilt Brass?

Hallmarks: None that I can find though there are artisan initials to the front of the medal that I think read CLR. SIZE: From end to end measures 3-3/4". Medal alone measures 1-1/8" high/wide.

Final comments: From Wikipedia - Francis I (French: François Ier) (12 September 1494 – 31 March 1547) was a monarch of the House of Valois who ruled as King of France from 1515 until his death. Francis' reign saw important cultural changes with the rise of absolute monarchy in France, the spread of humanism and Protestantism, and the beginning of French exploration of the New World. Jacques Cartier and others claimed lands in the Americas for France and paved the way for the expansion of the first French colonial empire.

Francis patronized many great artists of his time, including Andrea del Sarto and Leonardo da Vinci; the latter was persuaded to make France his home during his last years. While da Vinci painted very little during his years in France, he brought with him many of his greatest works, including the Mona Lisa (known in France as La Joconde), and these remained in France after his death. Other major artists to receive Francis' patronage included the goldsmith Benvenuto Cellini and the painters Rosso Fiorentino, Giulio Romano, and Primaticcio, all of whom were employed in decorating Francis' various palaces. Just a great piece of jewelry destash ready for repurposing!




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