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#534 Victorian Revival Handmade Pin/Pendant of Silk Ribbon Tassel & Beads
Victorian Revival Handmade Pin/Pendant of Silk Ribbon Tassel & Beads

Silk ribbon embroidery became quite a fad in the late 1980s - so many books were written on the subject and being the avid crafter I am, I had to try my hand at making a few pieces. What I offer now is my "once and only" foray into making jewelry from one of those books. Up for offer now.....

AGE: I made this piece around 1985.

ITEM: A heart-shaped pin/pendant combination handmade by moi. I started with a round shaped brass stamping, added a fan shaped one, added some wired ribbon and a velvet round. On top of that I added another brass stamping - this time an Art Nouveau lady. Then some silk ribbon hand rolled roses were plaed at the bottom as well as another brass stamping, this time heart shaped. A white rhinestone was added to the brass top and then a mauve tassel for length. A gold tone pin/pendant finding was added to the back with the strongest epoxy I could find.

CONDITION: Excellent if I do say so myself.

METAL CONTENT: Brass and Gold Tone metal.

SIZE: 5-1/4" long x 2-3/16" wide

FINAL COMMENTS: A One of a Kind piece that I will most likely never do again - it just took too long to make!




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