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#660 James Cleland Sterling Silver 14K Gold Multi-Gemstone Scottish Agate Pendant | The Gypsy Madonna Collection
James Cleland Sterling Silver 14K Gold Multi-Gemstone Scottish Agate Pendant | The Gypsy Madonna Collection

Consigned to my favorite jewelry shop by James Cleland personally, may I offer this magnificent pendant that takes its design straight from the highlands of Scotland! Starting with a base of silver, the pendant has an overly large round of Scottish Agate upon which has been placed a central silver disc with a crossed dagger and dirk (knife). The handles to both pieces are in yellow gold and the sword features a Peridot at the hand of the handle while the knife features a garnet. The back of the pendant is one of Mr. Cleland's hallmarks of design - a secret image known only to the wearer; in this case, Pegasus - the winged horse HAND ENGRAVED by the artisan! Condition is perfect! The piece was stored for many, many years and there is quite a bit of tarnish. A light polish will bring up a high shine.

Metal Content: Sterling Silver and 14K Gold with hallmarks to the reverse that include James Cleland, Solvang, Sterling. The 14K mark is missing but in checking the Internet, I see that a design similar to this has a carat content of 14K - I am assuming this piece is the same.

Size: From top of bale (not jump ring) to bottom measures 2"; width of the piece is about 1-3/4".

Weight: A mighty 44.1 grams - it will take a thick chain to hold this beauty!

Artisan: In business since 1988, James Cleland - Jeweler Extraordinaire and former resident of St. Louis, MO is a marvel when it comes to making jewelry! Mr. Cleland is both a scientist and artisan who specializes in One of a Kind designs - both naturalistic and Medieval/Victorian. He has won numerous awards for his One of a Kind designs and has had his work exhibited at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and the Wilding Art Museum in Los Olivos. One of his most recent competition wins was placing First in a juried international art competition sponsored by Art Buzz, a non-profit collective that links professional artists to art dealers, collectors, and art lovers worldwide.

Final Comments: Mr. Cleland's custom creations are NOT for the faint of heart when it comes to the pocketbook. The pieces I offer (2 in total) came from the St. Louis area and I have tried to price them fairly; in looking at his past work, this pendant seems to have retailed around $1,695. According to local gossip, Mr. Cleland is now retiring from the jeweler's bench and in doing so, his prior creations can only appreciate in value. Here's a chance to collect a true ONE OF A KIND pierce of jewelry from a master goldsmith!


James Cleland


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