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#733 Ladies Rose Gold Filled Wrist Watch - Pocket Watch by Ideal | The Gypsy Madonna Collection
Ladies Rose Gold Filled Wrist Watch - Pocket Watch by Ideal  | The Gypsy Madonna Collection

Dating to the early 1900s may I offer this rose gold filled (rose gold plated?) wrist watch for a lady manufactured by Ideal. The watch has an open face at the front, white enamel panel with black numerals - no second hand. The back panel has a set of nicely engraved initials - EMR it seems. The watch comes on a short portion of gold filled chain that can be unhooked from the top bar/bottom so that the piece can be used as a pocket watch. The back panel can pop off with the use of a finger nail to reveal the inside works. Ideal was a trade name used on pocket watch movements manufactured by the New York Standard Watch Co - the company made watches from 1885 to 1929. The watch does work however when trying to wind, the top button tends to pop out of the top (as in when you are changing the time manually). I wound the watch a bit and after 3 hours it is still running, however I am sure a clean and fix to the top button are needed.

Condition: Very nice front - clear glass - no chips to the enamel, no discoloration - clean back - nice chain.

Metal Content: Gold Filled case. Stainless steel works.

Hallmarks: On the inside back of the case - Philadelphia Watch Case Co., Victory, Warranted 10 years, 4355727. That's the printed info. The jewelers scratched marks are "G344-1372 G168 19995 21817." On the works, the marks are - Ideal USA 492901.

Size: Front measures 1-1/4" high/wide. The chain length is 4-3/4".

Weight: 29 grams

Final Comments: Adorable! I just love the fact that it's more a wrist watch than pocket but then again, the things you could do with this piece!


The Gypsy Madonna Collection


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