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#112 FIRST COMMUNION - Antique, French, Cotton, Drawstring, Purse
FIRST COMMUNION - Antique, French, Cotton, Drawstring, Purse

May I offer......

AGE: C.1890 or so

ITEM: From France, here's an antique First Communion purse, First Communion pochette, First Communion pouch, that would have adorned the wrist of a little girl during her special day. Made of a type of cottony muslin, the lace overlay as well as the cording, feels as if they too are made of cotton.  The blue ribbon rose is just something I added to give it a little bit of color; it is something I made myself. If it is not desired, it can be removed with a few snips to the thread OR if you want me to change the color to pink or another hue, just let me know and I will see what I can do.

CONDITION: Excellent for its age - I can see only one loop (where the cord goes through) that needs a touch of mending. No holes. No inner lining - just the muslin - never was one I suspect. No holes in the lace. Really, it could be used today.

SIZE: Height is 8-1/2"; width is 5-1/4". There is no gusset along the side - just two pieces of fabric sewn together. The purse was meant to carry small cash gifts (or small medals/jewelry) presented to the child on her special day.





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