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#116 VICTORIAN REVIVAL - Handmade, Antique, Card, Ornament, Spring
VICTORIAN REVIVAL - Handmade, Antique, Card, Ornament, Spring

May I offer......

AGE: Holiday 2017

ITEM: A light cardstock ornament made with antique, vintage and modern materials. Starting with an Antique Victorian trade card, I added some MODERN glitter fringe, ribbon and at the back, white cardboard with a SPRING sentiment! All together, the components form a ONE OF A KIND ornament!

SIZE: Without the ribbon holder and without counting the fringe, the card measures 3-3/8" x 4-5/8".

USE: Wall ornament, greeting card, gift card or gift tag to a present (the back white paper can certainly bear a personalized sentiment).

FINAL COMMENTS: Each individual piece of the ornament was hand glued, there is no varnish or shellac top coat. When storing, care should be taken that no parts of the card catch on to anything - this might tend to pull a component from its original position. ONE OF A KIND and not to be reproduced again!




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