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#118 FIRST COMMUNION - Repurposed, French, Antique Victorian, Souvenir Card
FIRST COMMUNION - Repurposed, French, Antique Victorian, Souvenir Card

May I offer......

A One of a Kind Presentation Gift Card for Holy First Communion!

Shouldn't your Darling Daughter have something "extra special" to remind her of her special day? Gifted from the family to the newly confirmed daughter - here's something that can be given that is sure to serve as an heirloom one day.

HISTORY OF THE IDEA: In France, as a souvenir of First Communion, a young girl, or a boy, would be presented with a card and envelope filled with a sum of money. The gifted cards could be as simple s a single sheet of paper in an envelope to something more elaborate and unique - a ONE OF A KIND handmade piece presented in a box. Many of these presentation pieces never made it to see the 2000s but over the course of about 20 years, I have collected a number of them to inspire me in the recreation of this most exquisite way of presentation. ONE OF A KIND and not to be reproduced again! The components of the piece are not easily found and when I do manage to find "parts" because they are antique, I have to pay for the privilege. I can make no apology for my asking price and hope that those who can comprehend what they are seeing will understand.

This is a card to last a lifetime and to continue the life of antique components.


AGE: Created by moi of vintage materials. The image of the girl is C.1880. The Victorian paper lace is C.1880. The Victorian die cuts are C.1890. The silver Dresdens are C.1950 and C.1980. ITEM: A boxed Souvenir of First Communion card featuring a Victorian, handmade, folded paper, etched face, image of a young girl (carrying rosary, bible/catechism/candle) on her special day. Rescued from a card that had completely fallen apart, I stated to make a better, more permanent place for her. The gift card has a front of pink cardstock with a reinforced white backboard - this can be personalized with the gift givers or receipient's name. The front of the card is also decorated with genuine Victorian paper lace, silver Dresden images of the Dove of Peace, a Swallow and some foliage. To complete the piece, I added two Victorian die cuts of pink roses. The presentation box is my best interpretation of how this card would have been gifted. The front image as well as the inside of the lid image is a direct copy (albeit in English) of a French First Communion presentation card. The interior of the box is lightly padded and covered in a paper doily. The inside lip of the box is also covered in paper doily edging.

Sorry my photos are not quite up to snuff - I can assure you, the card is MUCH better looking in person!

SIZE: The box measures 5-3/8" x 3-3/4". The card measures 3-11/16" x 5-1/4".

A TOUCH MORE HISTORY: In terms of the "class" of this presentation card, it is something that would have been gifted to a child from a very wealthy person. A person of lower means would have offered only a small piece of paper, a person of middle means would have offered the card, an envelope and perhaps some money. A wealthy person would have offered a boxed card, an interior envelope with money, and a card that would last for many a year.

FINAL COMMENTS: Each individual piece of the ornament was cut by hand, placed carefully and hand glued. The piece is as white as possible for presentation. With all things handmade, the piece took 3 days to complete allowing for the glue to dry over time rather than quickly. With care, this presentation card should last the same amount of time as the First Communion cards of long ago - about 100 years! The young lady who receives this card will be receiving a treasure to be cherished.

Gift as is or add a small envelope on the inside to gift money. The choice is yours.




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