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#122 Antique French Religious Carved Bone Stanhope Charm
Antique French Religious Carved Bone Stanhope Charm

Dating to the late 1800s or early 1900s may I offer what I believe to be a carved ox bone (though possibly hard celluloid or plastic) - telescope charm (or 1/2 of a binocular) that is actually a religious charm. Look through the glass to view a small image of the Virgin Mary (Our Lady of Guadalupe) as well as an image of a church.

Condition: Very nice although the top ring was missing when I found so I fashioned one out of sterling silver wire.

Metal Content: Sterling Silver and Hard Plastic/Celluloid or Ox Bone

Hallmarks: None

Size: Stands just shy of 1" high; width is 5/16".

Weight: 1.4 grams

Final Comments: Add to a charm bracelet or gift to your favorite doll - it's a most charming accessory for a night at the opera! MY LAST ONE!!




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