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#123 ANTIQUE EDWARDIAN Pendant - Silver, 9K Gold, Portrait Miniature, Lady
ANTIQUE EDWARDIAN Pendant - Silver, 9K Gold, Portrait Miniature, Lady

May I offer….

AGE: C.1900 or so

ITEM: A silver pendant on a chain featuring a hand painted portrait (watercolor) of a lovely young lady dressed in Italian Renaissance garb - note the Juliet cap! The pendant more than likely started life out as a pin but it may also have been a pin/pendant combo and one of the previous owners decided "to heck with the pin" and took it off. I think a pendant is so much nicer anyway! The painting is skillfully done - it appears to be on either celluloid or vellum. I can see no signature but that is not surprising as these pieces were made as souvenirs for those ladies on the Grand Tour of Europe. The pendant comes with a fine link chain.

CONDITION: Very nice with no real problems I can spot. Original glass is present. Silver has patinated nicely. A couple of the pearls have a slight loss of nacre and one pearl seems to have glue but this is all spotted with a 10X loupe and is not visible with the naked eye. Bale and loop at the back of the pendant are rose gold rather than silver. The bale can easily be replaced with an open silver jump ring if desired though the gold bale IS soldered shut!

METAL CONTENT: Being European, 800 or 900 Silver though possibly Sterling Silver. The gold bale tests as 9K Gold. HALLMARKS: None that I can spot. Metal was gently tested for content and does come out as silver/gold but the exact measurement is indeterminate.

SIZE: Pendant alone measures 7/8" wide x 1-1/8" high (NOT including the bale). Chain measures 18". WEIGHT: 6.7 grams combined.

FINAL COMMENTS: Ready to wear.




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