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#145 HALLOWEEN Ornament - Handmade, Skeleton, Head, Witch, Chenille
HALLOWEEN Ornament - Handmade, Skeleton, Head, Witch, Chenille

May I offer....

YEAR MADE:  Holiday 2017

ITEM: From a line of chenille ornaments that I did for a Halloween feather tree comes this spooky ornament - all my own handiwork.

Starting with a chenille body, I added a vintage plastic skeleton head (cupcake pick), a bit of black crepe for a bow tie, a silver Dresden dot and another cupcake pick of the head of a witch (green and VERY wicked!).  Oh, and there's a bit of gold cord at the back for hanging the critter on a feather tree or whereever! (Sorry the ornament appears faded in the photos - that's just my flash diffusing it a bit).

COMPONENTS: Chenille, from the late 1980s. Plastic picks - C.1960. Crepe paper, vintage C.1950. Dresden dot, contemporary. Cording, contemporary.

SIZE: From top of Mr. Skeleton Head to bottom measures just about 4-1/4"; width is 2-1/2".

WEIGHT: Lightweight - will work anywhere!

FINAL COMMENTS: Ready for a feather tree at Halloween!



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