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#159 Vintage FRENCH RIBBONWORK Applique - Ribbon Spray, Cream, Rose, Lavender
Vintage FRENCH RIBBONWORK Applique - Ribbon Spray, Cream, Rose, Lavender

May I offer.....

AGE: To be honest - I have no idea but possibly C.1950/C.1960 though one part definitely looks like it is from C.1930.

ITEM: Found in an estate in St. Louis, I don't know if the lady used this piece as an example or if she created it herself. I should add that her basement was chock-a-block filled with millinery supplies, ribbon and the like. Anyway, here's an interesting ribbon applique that is the type that would have been found on a hanky holder or a large lace covered box. A center rose is surrounded by a rose bud and small accent flowers. The applique is definitely made of a combination of materials - both old and vintage. I spot in the piece C.1950 satin ribbon (ribbon tie), C.1980 satin, C.1930 French ombre ribbon and (because it needed it) new leaves of C.1980 ombre ribbon.

COLORS: Cream, Lavender, Blue, Emerald Green, Crimson

CONDITION: Well, I had to do a bit of restoration to the piece - the center cream floral/bud and the leaves (let's just say the silverfish had a field day) - the rest is all original. More crinoline was added to the back to reinforce the piece as it was very limp after the bad pieces had been replaced. It's now a lot better than originally found.SIZE: 4-1/2" x 2" approx.

FINAL COMMENTS: A salvaged piece ready to be used again - even on clothing though the piece would need a pin at the back to fasten to a piece of clothing. And remember, the more this piece is exposed to air and light - the more quickly it will start to look "more antique".




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