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#163 French Revival Ribbon Work
French Revival Ribbon Work

Age: C.1950/1960 - a vintage piece that needed a little TLC

Item: From a recent treasure trove of retro modern ribbon finds, here's a single ribbon work floral - American made - that might have adorned any number of items made during the 50s/60s. The floral is entirely hand made and needed only a few stitches to get it back together. The floral is baby pink and periwinkle with a white center. A bit of rat tail cord dips from t he bottom.

Condition: Very nice for it's age. The fabric to the flowers is ultra soft - much like the satin items that were made way back when. The cording is a replacement for the original that had come undone and I had to add a bit of crinoline to hide some stitches that were unraveling.

Size: 2-5/16" x 1-1/16" (width of flower only).

Final Comments: Projects? Well, a dolls hat, a pair of gloves, trim on a dress, a lingerie floral, a box embellishment...... you are only limited by your imagination.



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