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#216 Retro Modern Sterling Silver Pin by Bayanihan
Retro Modern Sterling Silver Pin by Bayanihan

May I offer….

AGE: C.1980 or so

ITEM: From Bayanihan comes this well wrought bit of silver jewelry - a simple flourish in smooth and rippled silver in the form of a pin/brooch. Safety catch at the back to hold the pin in place as it should.

CONDITION: Excellent with a high shine - almost mirror finish!

METAL CONTENT: Sterling Silver

HALLMARKS: (C) Bayanihan 925 SIZE: 2-3/8" x 1/-1/2

WEIGHT: 12.7 grams

FINAL COMMENTS: From what little I could glean from the internet, Bayanihan was a company based in Massachusetts and founded in 1974 by W. Thomas Burns (deceased) who had worked for the Peace Corps in the Philippines. His retro modern designs found favor with many a customer due to their flawless execution and design. "Bayanihan" is a word which means "spirit of communal unity/working together."




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