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#241 Huge Gorham Repousse Sterling Silver Bowl
Huge Gorham Repousse Sterling Silver Bowl

Dated 1895 (crescent moon date mark) sterling silver bowl by Gorham. With a floral repousse design all around this mid-sized container, the front of the bowl is engraved, in a lovely script, with the initials RWG. The bowl is footed with a "gadroon-like" design. The lip of the bowl features a scalloped trim on the underside.

Condition: Being vintage, there are light marks of use, storage and time - a few dimples mostly in the bottom of the bowl. There is one bump at the bottom along the gadroon pattern but it is invisible to the eye but you can feel with your fingers. This bump to the silver resulted in a ripple on the underside which can be seen in one of the photos (the photo looks like the silver has separated - I can assure you, it has not). The bowl stands flush on a table so whatever caused the bump didn't change how the bowl sits. The patina to the silver is wonderfully warm and I only lightly polished the piece for the photos. If a high shine is desired, all that’s needed is another polish. For sheer perfection of look, then a professional polish by a jeweler will make the silver gleam!

Metal Content: Sterling Silver Hallmarks: Gorham hallmarks, 3930, Crescent Moon date code (1895), STERLING

Size: Height is 6-5/16"; width at the top is about 9-3/4".

Weight: 805 Grams = 25.88 Troy Ounces Approx.

Final Comments: Because of the invisible bump, I have priced this piece to sell at a fair price. I notice that another site on the Net has a similar piece at $1,600 with a few small issues.




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