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#55 ORIGINAL DESIGN - Handmade Pendant Necklace or Ornament | Hope, Love
ORIGINAL DESIGN - Handmade Pendant Necklace or Ornament | Hope, Love

May I offer....

AGE: Holiday 2017

ITEM: A ONE OF A KIND hand made necklace or decorative ornament! Starting with a silver locket finding with some decorative swirls to the front, I added two sections to the inside. The front reads HOPE and pictures an angel set amidst a background of decorative paper and embellished with pink silk rayon ribbon and silver Dresden paper. The back reads LOVE and features another angel sets amidst the same background of decorative paper but this time the embellishments include paper hearts and a single strand of silver tinsel. The locket is suspended from a pink silk rayon ribbon length (extra long). Between the ribbon and the locket are bits and pieces of vintage jewelry (rhinestones, faux pearls and the like) as well as a religious aluminum medal for Out Lady of Fatima. Of course, this can be removed if desired by opening the jump ring and slipping off. The locket is held together with a very large silver colored jump ring. In order to open the locket (of course all the contents would spill out) all that's needed is a twist of a pair of pliers to open the ring.

CONDITION: Brand spanking new!

SIZE: Pendant piece is about 1-1/2" x 2". Ribbon ties go on and on and on.....

METAL CONTENT: Silver Tone Metal casing - the protective layers covering the insides are clear plexiglass and NOT glass.

GIFTING IDEAS: Well, Valentine's Day, of course. Christmas, Birthday, Baby Shower, Christening, First Communion, Baptism, any holiday or special day that would make the gifting special!

FINAL COMMENTS: One of a kind! I do make these pieces from time to time but each one is entirely different from the other.




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