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#65 ART DECO Mirror Frame - Religious, First Communion, Glass
ART DECO Mirror Frame - Religious, First Communion, Glass

May I offer....

AGE: C.1930 or so

ITEM: A mirror glass frame, religious in tone, featuring bevelled edges, gold trim (with crosses on the inside) and the original easel backing. The back is easy to open by means of moving the clip aside to insert your own photo. The current resident is something I put together, mixed media style, and shows an angel praying with the phrase "throw kindness around like confetti". Of course you can remove this and insert your own photo - perhaps a First Communion photo.

CONDITION: There is a bit of chippiness to the curved notch of the bevel edges but nothing that really shows easily to the naked eye. There is one dark spot at the front bottom, but that is due to the back paint having a missing area.

SIZE: Frame measures 4" x 5" approx. Image size is 2-1/4" x 3-1/4".

FINAL COMMENTS: So hard to find these days and just a great piece of glass that looks great among a bunch of mercury glass or a collection or MORE frames!  Or leave as is and gift to the family of a newborn - a Guardian Angel to look after the newest member!




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