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#70 Art Nouveau Belle Epoch French Dore Bronze ruby Enamel Travel Frame with Case
Art Nouveau Belle Epoch French Dore Bronze ruby Enamel Travel Frame with Case

From France and dating to the early 1900s or so may I offer this stunning enamel frame still nestled in its original traveling case.  Surrounding the original photo (as shown) is a  border of dark red enamel laid over a guilloche (engine turned) background.  Applied at the corners is a small spray of florals. Original velvet back is present as is the glass - original nails (at leas,t I think they are the original ones) are also present. The picture on the inside IS original to the frame but a bit more packing material (newer cardboard) has been added at the back. To display the frame you simply open the case and prop the case on a desk. Of course, if one wants to "prop" the frame up without the case, then an easel back would need to be inserted in place of the plain backboard back.

CONDITION: No chips/cracks to the enamel nor dents/dings to the metal. The travel box shows discoloration to the front and back, and there is a bit of the outside canvas covering missing in a couple of areas. The inside silk lining on the left has been water stained, while the right is very nice with only a bit of shattering to the silk along the spine. Latch to keep the box closed works as it should.

Metal Content: Fire gilding over bronze, I believe.

Hallmarks: None that I can find (and I looked everywhere!).

Size: From measures 3-1/2" x 4-1/2". Image size is 3: x 4".

Final Comments: Judging by how beautiful this frame is, again, I would estimate a French manufacture but I may be wrong. What I do know is that RED is the hardest color of enamel to find in any product as GOLD is one of the main ingredients. That is why there is seldom a selection of red enamel frames to find on the market. Well, here's one that I am sure will please some lucky person!




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