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#81 ANTIQUE VICTORIAN Pendant - 14K Gold, Mourning, Filigree, Turquoise
ANTIQUE VICTORIAN Pendant - 14K Gold, Mourning, Filigree, Turquoise

May I offer…

AGE: C.1880 or so

ITEM: Now I know what you are thinking because I was thinking it too. It's got to be silver vermeil, right? Well, wrong. And wrong as to the time period. I'll explain. This is a filigree mourning pendant - reliquary - relic that was probably purchased during a trip to the Holy Land - the design is common and was produced right up to the 1960s (heck, maybe it is even made today) but mostly in silver, NOT gold! And the pendants found in the 60s usually just had stones front and back - not a back area that was covered with glass so as to set a small token of a loved one, in this instance, a small piece of hair. So with this thought, the piece is Victorian. And being gold, it means the piece was meant to sell to a "person of means". Anyway, here it is. A love knot (so to speak) set with a small turquoise cab to the front and a beveled glass piece covering a small bit of hair to the back. The piece has darkened with age (yes, gold tarnishes after about 100 years) but the jump ring to the top is still very much tarnish free (very yellow).

CONDITION: Very nice with a bit of green here and there on the underside of the loops as well as under the glass - I have not polished the piece at all in case the new owner wants it to retain its true antique look! No dents or dings to the filigree - no pieces missing. It looks like the glass can be pried out and another bit inserted however it's best that a jeweler do this so as not to damage the glass covering.


HALLMARKS: As is the norm with a lot of Victorian gold pieces, none that I can spot. Frankly there's not much room to put one. Metal was lightly tested in 3 different places to assure gold content.

SIZE: From top of bale (NOT jump ring) to bottom measures just a little over 1-1/4"; width is 1-1/8".

WEIGHT: 5.4 grams

FINAL COMMENTS: Just needs the right chain to make it complete - mine is for display purposes only.




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