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#82 FRENCH Ribbonwork Applique - Ribbon Spray, Baby Pink, Baby Blue
FRENCH Ribbonwork Applique - Ribbon Spray, Baby Pink, Baby Blue

May I offer....

AGE: Made Recently by MOI! Not Chinese made - not Japanese made - not Taiwanese made - 100% put together here in America of as many vintage (and new) materials I can find! (This one made while binge watching The X Files!)

ITEM: In the French Revival manner, here's a ribbon applique of baby pink with baby blue floral embellishments. With sugar pips and mint green leaves, the applique is one that would have been found on a lamp shade, lingerie holder, baby blanket - actually, anything you can think of really.

CONDITION: Brand New - Perfect! The piece is entirely hand sewn and can be attached to most any item except one which would see handling - you see the sugar pips ARE of a delicate nature so you have to keep that in mind when applying to another project.

SIZE: 5-1/2" x 9/16"

FINAL COMMENTS: There is no felt backing nor crinoline in this piece - just stitch (or glue) to another item. You could also attach a pin to the back for easy removal if needed. In rules of ribbonwork, only the front counts - not the back.




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