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Hello again!  If you have come to this page, it means you want to know a little more about me.  So here goes....

Born and raised in Canada, I moved to the United States in 1978 settling on Los Angeles, California as my "new" home town.  At that time, I fully intended to become a jeweler, selling my wares at craft shows.  After discovering that my work was mediocre at best (California artisans were simply amazing) I ended up at a retail jewelry outlet.  Once I had had my fill of selling gold "by the gram" I ended up in the legal field, staying put till 1999 when I lost my job due to the firm going belly up.  Deciding NOT to go back into legal, I started selling full time on the Internet, EBAY to be more precise.  One site led to another so that by mid-2016 I was selling on 3 venues - EBAY (robin_yeo - 17,200+ positive feedback), RUBY LANE (Robins Nest Midwest - 404 positive feedback with over 8,000+ transactions) and ETSY (robinsnestmidwest). 

Buying on my website is the same as purchasing at any of my other venues - I just have more "little" items in this shop as it is more cost effective. 

Gypsy Madonna is a destination for anyone interested in a carefully curated internet collection of Antique and Vintage Finds! It will also offer up handmade, One of a Kind items made by me and inspired by the Victorian Era and the France of Marie Antoinette! Like many ladies, I adore all things frothy and femmy and take inspiration from La Belle Epoque, I will try to offer up some delectable delights to tempt my customers. 

So, if you like what you see - please LIKE me on Facebook!  If you really like what you see, please make a purchase.  The shopping cart should be running correctly and I do have built in discounts that activate when certain dollar levels are reached.  They will kick in automatically on your invoice as you add to your cart. 

To keep you apprised of how often I work my site - I will post statistics here that you can follow.  So thanks for visiting and I do hope you find something you like!




TOTAL ITEMS IN THE SHOP:  861 (less those that have sold)


There is much, MUCH more to come!